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Residential Closings

Our goal is to make your closing as hassle-free as possible so you can begin enjoying your new home or property.

Ask your realtor to contact us to set up the closing for your new home.


Refinancing your home can be a great way to reduce monthly notes and leverage your equity. Call us today and we can begin walking you through the process.

Title Search

For every closing a title search must be performed to ensure ownership of the property is free and clear of any issues. A title search reveals any liens on the property, including mortgages and HOA liens. In addition, a title search shows if either party has any judgments that must be paid off in order to close.

If you are not ready to sell your house or nervous about title issues on the property, our office can create a title report and discuss any possible issues that might cause an issue if you were to sell the property.

Deed Preparation

A deed is a written instrument that conveys title to real property. A deed differs from a contract or a deed of trust in that it must include the intent to convey property, the legal description of the property, and a signature and acknowledgement of the grantor to be valid.

Not all deeds are created equal and that is why it is important to consult an attorney about what is being conveyed. When a party is attempting to convey certain aspects of real property, the type of deed and wording used throughout the deed are critical.

Our office is happy to discuss the intent of the parties and draft a specific deed to meet your goals.